Australia’s ‘Rapid Growth Guy’ Makes Positive Impact with U.S. Small Businesses and Start-ups.

Matthew Pollard - Australia's 'Rapid Growth Guy' Makes Positive Impact with U.S. Small Businesses and Start-ups.

Matthew Pollard, an Australian multi-hyphenate and business revolutionary, has been paying it forward by helping entrepreneurial Americans since his arrival in February 2014.

A little over a year ago, serial entrepreneur and speaker Matthew Pollard decided to make a big move. After a decade becoming a business-building sensation in his native country of Australia, Pollard was looking to embark upon a new chapter, and a new land: America. He moved to the U.S. in February of 2014, and made Austin, Texas his new home. Since then, he has become a valued coach, consultant, writer, and guru on the American business landscape—as well as a respected member of the community in general.

Since his move, Pollard has worked tirelessly to share with others the knowledge and insights that enabled him to achieve five mutli-million dollar business success stories in only a few years. He has also earned the highly sought-after status of contributor at numerous publications including Entrepreneur, CEO, and Top Sales Magazine as well as many others, some of which are local to the Austin area.

He has also become a regular featured guest on Fox 7’s Good Morning Austin as well as many top rated iTunes podcasts, and has launched his own, The Better Business Coach Podcast, which proved successful by achieving top-ratings within a mere four days of its launch. In fact, Pollard’s roots in the States have grown so long, it’s surprising that he’s only been here for just over a year.

From humble beginnings, including working at McDonald’s to afford gas for his car so that he could get to and from his first sales job, Pollard recognizes that the help and support of others has played an integral role in his success.

In his effort to pay it forward and support budding entrepreneurs, he has taken on roles as a speaker, mentor, and judge at Austin-based events such as PeopleFund’s Innovation Week, Angelhack’s Hackathon, Microsoft’s 60 Seconds to Startup and Google’s Start-up Weekend. According to Robert Guice, CTO of this year’s winner at Google Start-up Weekend, Olowa: “No question, the win was due to his coaching. I look forward to working with Matthew as we turn this startup into a reality.”

As immigrant heritage month approaches, there is never a better time to recognize the important contributions and achievements that new immigrants have made over many generations to strengthen the nation. Says Pollard, “It’s just the best way I can think of to give back to the country that has made me feel so welcome.”

About Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard is the Rapid Growth Guy! As a serial entrepreneur, published author, international speaker, coach and consultant, Matthew Pollard is revolutionizing the world of business. Matthew has been characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse. He now offers online sales, niche marketing and business seminars through and real world business coach training through his top ranked podcast, Better Business Coach.

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