Australian WH&S Blog Celebrates 1000 posts

Leading Australian construction safety blog reaches the 1,000 post milestone, as one of the leaders in reporting Australian construction and Workplace Health and Safety news, information, videos and how-To articles.

In Australia the construction industry continues to show solid performance particularly in the residential sector. Over the December – January holiday season the usual influx of back packers is expected to swell the numbers of labourers and other construction workers looking for part-time work and new roles in 2016.

A construction site can be an intimidating place for someone new to the game but national Australian training company Urban Global are proud to be assisting in providing useful content for construction workers and are currently celebrating 1,000 blog posts on their to date! The posts are a wide mix of recent industry news, safety information, suppliers news, videos, “light hearted safety stuff” and How To information, plus more.

Just in the Safety Info category alone, there is a wealth of useful knowledge for would-be, and established construction workers. “our team scour the web for useful and relevant information for construction workers, with an emphasis on safety” Urban Global Director Mr. Peter Cutforth stated.

“We see a huge need to provide engaging useful, and fun content, to the industry that makes the otherwise potentially dry topic of construction site safety, significantly more interesting and engaging for potential and current construction workers”, he said.

Mr Cutforth expressed his concern about the number of accidents his team sees reported in the news: “Sadly, quite a lot of the recent news relating to the construction industry, is reporting sometimes quite tragic accidents that have occurred – this is one of the reasons the White Card safety induction course is so important for new construction workers to fully understand.”

“We feel that if current workers are exposed to regular news about these sorts of accidents, it does help everyone on construction sites to stay more aware of the importance of their responsibilities” he said.

Contrasting the sobering subject of construction site accidents and incidents, is the category on the site referred to as “Light Hearted Safety Stuff” which provides all sorts of interesting content, more from the light hearted perspective, although Mr Cutforth was at pains to underscore the fact that “we never trivialize the seriousness of construction safety…”

The blog is passing the 1,000 blog post milestone – a fact which Mr Cutforth says is cause for celeberation.

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