Australian Sea Salt Deposit Removal Wash – Foaming Boat Surface Cleaner Launched

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Seaman Marine updates the formula of its Australia-made, pH-neutral foaming wash for salt deposits. The wash safely removes salt deposits from all types of watercraft.

Australian marine products store Seaman Marine announces an updated formulation of its flagship product, the Seaman’s Salt Wash. The 100% biodegradable, pH-neutral formula removes salt deposits from fiberglass, aluminium, and vinyl, among others.

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The updated formula uses the latest technologies to be completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike other cleaning products made for boats and water vessels, the wash does not leach harmful particles or chemicals that may affect marine life.

Numerous marine studies suggest that human-made products, especially those used on water vessels, leave harmful chemical traces behind. These chemical deposits can be ingested by marine creatures or absorbed by marine plants, which may cause disease or death.

The team at Seaman Marine was inspired to create a locally-made foaming wash that removes salt deposits from watercraft without damaging the environment. The salt deposit wash is formulated for use on painted surfaces, stainless steel, plastics, wood, glass, and even rubber.

As part of the announcement of its new and improved formula, the company is introducing its “Seaman Squirter – Love Me, Buff Me” package. This is an all-in-one starter pack for those who want a boat cleaning kit for all their needs.

The kit includes a Seaman Marine wash bucket, a Seaman squirter, one wash mitt with integrated grime remover, a large microfiber towel, and 1 to 5 litres of Seaman’s Salt Wash.

Because the wash is concentrated, users need only two to four caps of the liquid diluted with water to clean a medium-sized boat. The foaming salt wash can be applied on all types of marine craft, 4x4s, and caravans. Seaman Marine estimates that their one-litre wash costs less than $1 per wash. The foaming wash can be used on all parts of a boat, from screw fittings and cleats to hose clamps.

A spokesperson of the company said, “We are pH neutral – our team cannot stress this enough as numerous products in the market erode waxes, finishes, sealants, and coatings.”

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