Australian Sculptor Carves Up Child-hood Memories Exhibition

John Abery, an Australian sculptor has an exhibition called DO YOU REMEMBER | An Exhibition on Childhood Memory that will run from 6 Aug 2017 to 30 Sep 2017 and features several wood sculptures.

Victoria, Australia – The Cowwarr Art Space is pleased to present an exhibition of new works featuring Sculptor John Abery. DO YOU REMEMBER | An Exhibition on Childhood Memory will run from 6 Aug 2017 to 30 Sep 2017 and features several wood sculptures by John Abery.

This exhibition explores and taps into the nostalgia of childhood memories. Not necessarily the Sculptor’s own personal memories. The works have been inspired by objects of the artist’s childhood, in the hope they will evoke a playful memory for anyone who sees them.

The sculptor is exploring and effectively recreating a childhood memory in his adult years. He has deliberately created the works to be oversized, emulating the excitement and overwhelming sensation a child would feel in the presence of a new exciting object.

“This exhibition is designed to slow down the viewer, to look at things that we may take for granted that a child would simply be in ore of. This is emphasized by the sculpture called The Trinket Box.” said the sculptor John Abery.

“I have deliberately filled it with trinkets that may seem monotonous or subjectively boring. However theses objects are approached through the eyes of a child, my inner child and may also relate to the viewer’s inner child as well.”

“Even the nostalgia of the bowl of marbles that would sit on Grandma’s coffee table and the excitement that would bring to a child” said John Abery.

The sculptor has constructed these objects out of wood, for obvious links to the past of handmade wooden toys that people will remember from days gone by but also because it is a medium that the artist loves to work with and has great respect for.

John Abery is an Australian sculptor and artist. John was born in Yallourn, in Victoria, Australia. He graduated with a Diploma of Art and Design in 1994 and then completed a Bachelor of Art and Design from Monash University in 2000. John has exhibited in a large number of group and solo art exhibitions and has been featured in several art publications.

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