Australian Private Business Club Acquires Drop Shipping Zenox Technologies

The Dealmakers Club Pty Limited announced the acquisition of the drop shipping startup, Zenox Hosting Technologies founded by Australian high school student Pradanya Garg and will now become an integral part in the club’s new eCommerce arm.

The Dealmakers Club Pty Limited has announced that it has acquired eCommerce startup, Zenox Hosting Technologies founded by 17 year old Australian high school student and entrepreneur Pradanya Garg for an undisclosed sum. The enigmatic private business club in Australia is known to have ties to many of South East Asia’s powerful scions whose families span from timber conglomerates to oil and gas tycoons, many of whom have benefited from close links to ruling governments in the Asia Pacific region.

More information on the club can be found on their website at

With representatives operating from different parts of the world, The Dealmakers Club is busy connecting exciting businesses to game changing stakeholders from private and exclusive network of ultra high net worth individuals, political parties, industry leaders and government contacts.

The club specialises in the areas of campaign management, strategic communication and digital crisis management. The club’s links with hundreds of media platforms and news outlets have allowed them to craft the narrative of their influential clients by reducing their members’ exposure to negative press coverage.

In addition, the club provides strategic advice and solutions across the full risk spectrum of foreign investment, including foreign investment planning, funding of international investments and capital raising.

To ensure that it has the resources to deliver results for their exclusive private network of clients, The Dealmakers Club has deployed powerful automation software and artificially intelligent chat-bots to supplement their information campaigns.

The Dealmakers Club’s founder and CEO Nigel Lo, a practicing lawyer based in Western Australia, stated that Zenox’s platform is currently being revamped to become more user friendly and more mobile friendly.

Mr. Lo praised Ms. Garg and said that: “We are very pleased with our acquisition of Zenox. Zenox will become an integral part in our new eCommerce arm and Pradanya Garg will remain as the head of Zenox”.

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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