Australian Never Forget Water Irrigation System Released Ideal for Moringa Tree

The EasiOyYa, an ingenious Australian “never forget to water' irrigation system, is ideal for establishing new seedlings such as the Moringa Oleifera, known as the 'miracle tree' due to its medicinal and health benefits. The EasiOyYa saves time and is ideal for drought -stricken areas.

For those who are forgetful or just simply don’t have the time to water their garden, the newly released EasiOyYa, a unique Australian watering system that saves time, water, and money, is ideal. This innovative system not only automatically caters to plant moisture needs but it is also perfect for cultivating exotic plants such as the Moringa Oleifera, a tree which is nature’s multivitamin due to its medicinal and health benefits.

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Released in 2016, the EasiOyYa allows for easy garden maintenance so plants flourish, no matter their type or if grown in drought-stricken areas. With water being such a precious commodity and water restrictions in place in some regions of the world, the EasiOyYa is sustainable and inexpensive to set-up. Plus, this system is perfect when on vacation or if forgetful or just too busy to water.

Based on the ancient Chinese method of using buried clay pots for irrigation, the EasiOyYa system consists of a series of ceramic bulbs connected by tubing to a vessel filled with water. These bulbs are gravity fed, so when placed between plants the water seeps into the plant roots and keeps them hydrated.

The ingenious EasiOyYa system prevents plants from drying out and dying. Furthermore, it enables young seedlings and transplanted vegetation to get established. Therefore, making this water system perfect for the Moringa tree.

Hailing from Northern India and sub-Himalayan regions, the Moringa is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. However, its greatest benefits are medicinal and health related as it’s one of the most nutritional sources of food globally.

Moringa leaves have more beta-carotene than carrots, higher proteins than peas and greater levels of vitamin C than oranges. Also, calcium, potassium, and iron levels are greater than any other foods. Thus, the Moringa is the natural multivitamin shot.

Horticulturist David Borthwick, founder of the EasiOyYa, said, “New Moringa tree seedlings are susceptible to drying out. The EasiOyYa watering system will deliver moisture to the root zone of plant’s where it’s required 24/7.”

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