Australian Neuroscience/Mindfulness Expert – Parenting Teenagers Book Launched

Small Giants announced a new book for parents titled, “Unlock The 5 Secret Keys To Their Emotional Needs.” The book helps parents improve conversations and relationships with their children.

Family lifestyle coaches Small Giants of New South Wales, Australia have launched a new book for parents of tweens and teens. Unlock The 5 Secret Keys To Their Emotional Needs is authored by Co-Founders, Maryanne Perry and Selena Hannagan. It is a guide for parents wanting to develop a stronger foundation of trust with their children.

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Maryanne, a life coach, psychotherapist, counsellor, and primary school teacher; and Selena, a life coach, primary ethics teacher and marketing expert, drew on their blend of expertise and experience as they wrote the recently launched book. Precise and brief at just under 100 pages, the book is also available as a PDF download and can be read quickly so that the conversation toolkit can be put into practice immediately.

Lessons, stories, and anecdotes within the book are taken from the authors’ own experiences and those of their clients at Small Giants, a family lifestyle practice that specializes in helping parents improve their relationships with their tweens, teens, and young adult children. The book is grounded in neuroscience and mindfulness techniques the authors use to identify and remedy several relationship problems.

The book provides effective communication techniques, “golden nuggets” as the authors call them, to use when parents feel emotional turbulence approaching, to avoid arguments and instead promote understanding. The book offers no “formulae” or “templates” that feel forced and unnatural. Instead, a system of communication practices that parents can use is outlined. Parents can implement these practices and use their own words while dealing with complex parent-child scenarios. The system helps parents identify telltale signs of blow-ups before they happen, diffuse disagreements quickly, and unlock a child’s potential through the power of great conversations.

A satisfied parent said, “Recognizing the emotional triggers behind my son’s behavior really helped me understand his outbursts. This book has given me so many tools to use when we talk. I feel like I’ve reclaimed my relationship with him.”

The book is available for purchase at and included with the purchase is a video of Selena and Maryanne’s “quick start communication guide” which offers big picture lessons and key takeaways.

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