Australian Accounting Outsourcing Firm BOSS Does Fixed-Fees on Every Single Job

BOSS offers financial planners, commercial enterprises and accounting practices a fixed-fee service for every accounting outsourcing job.

Much the same as most businesses, there will be a period of time during each financial year where the workload increases.

It is during these periods that in-house accountants can prove extremely beneficial. However, it is also during these busy times that accounting outsourcing staff can provide much relief.

One of the outsourcing pros that BOSS provides firms is giving their clients fixed-fees on every single job. But one of the stunning benefits of a BOSS outsourced accountant is agreeing on the price of the job before the job starts. Consider it the best way to put an end to budget write-offs for good. BOSS calls this the Freedom Service.

Clients promise a minimum of 50 hours worth of work every month and their firms can gain from taking on an accountant, bookkeeper or professional SMSF staff. And they receive the same accountant for all of their jobs.

Although offering a service to firms that would mean no more financial write-offs on accounting work was at the core of the Freedom Service offer, BOSS also includes other points that make the service even more juicy. Starting with no start-up costs or exit fees, or any other small print fees, through to being able to add additional virtual accountants to their in-house team during busy times of the year, BOSS has devised a service that can really help out Aussie accounting practices.

Mr Court, Client Relationship and Marketing Manager for BOSS says “For 15 years now I have heard from a lot of Australian outsource accounting firms in regards to their problems with in-house staff and budget overruns. They tend to go hand in hand with accounting firms and client billing. With the Freedom Service this is prevented by BOSS and clients agreeing on a price before the job begins. This way clients know what they are up for before going ahead with work and it means the dollars they themselves spend on bringing new clients through the door is not then thrown down the drain on write-offs. The accounting staff at BOSS are experienced in SMSF’s, ITR’s, financials, company tax returns, trusts, BAS work plus more. With a promise of only 50 hours of work per month it makes it quite an easy choice for prospects looking to bring outsourcing into their firm.”

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About Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd (BOSS):

BOSS is an Australian-based outsource accounting provider that offers fixed fee services carried out by fully qualified accountants and bookkeepers to supplement accounting staff. Streamlining operations for accounting firms and business owners, every BOSS accountant is fully-trained in Australian accounting standards, Self-Managed Super Funds, tax procedures and law. All accounting outsource specialists work in BOSS’ overseas offices and never at offsite locations.

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