Australia Sleeping Sheet Barefoot Healing Earthing Mat Range Launched

Australian based company Barefoot Healing P/L launched a new range of Earthing or Grounding sleeping sheets and mats that help people enjoy a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Barefoot Healing P/L announced the launch of a new range of Earthing or Grounding sheets and mats for those struggling with chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments. The goal at Barefoot Healing P/L is to help people take control of their own health and start healing in the most natural and simple ways.

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In modern city life, people no longer have direct physical contact with the Earth and are thus losing out on the health benefits of exchanging electrons with the surface of the planet. The newly updated Earthing solutions at Barefoot Healing P/L aim to assist people on returning to natural health and balance.

Earthing therapy rests on the intuitive belief that connecting to the energy of the planet is healthy for one’s soul and body.

The Earth naturally has an endless supply of negative electrons and, when the body is in direct contact with the Earth, free electrons or nature’s biggest antioxidants are taken up into the body.

According to recent research, this energy promotes health, vitality and better sleep. In addition, Earthing stabilizes the body’s basic biological rhythms, normalizes cortisol, reduces inflammation and reduces pain.

With the help of Barefoot Healing P/L, it is now easy to ground or earth indoors, and even while sleeping. Barefoot Healing P/L provides earthing sheets and mats that fit all bed sizes and benefit the whole family.

The new products Barefoot Healing P/L help restore the body’s natural internal electrical stability and thus promote healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and help with insomnia.

According to the official website of Barefoot Healing P/L, “When you need help, the Barefoot Team is just a local phone call away. The Barefoot Team do not just sell products, they live, work and travel with indoor Earthing Products every single day and know the amazing benefits first hand.”

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