Australia Nutrition Mentoring Coaching 2016 Body Transformation Contest Launched

An Australia wide 12-month nutrition coaching program with $250,000 in cash prizes, entitled Australia's Greatest Transformation Challenge, powered leading nutrition coaching experts and Precision Nutrition's ProCoach, to help participants achieve their weight loss, muscle gain or healthier lifestyle goals, has been announced.

Australia’s Greatest Transformation Challenge, a 12 month one-on-one nutrition coaching and mentoring program to help participants lose weight, gain muscle or lead a healthier lifestyle while contending for cash prizes of up to $250,000 for the top challengers, has been announced.

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The nutrition program is powered through leading experts in nutrition coaching via Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach that will provide a personalized plan to suit the lifestyle and desired weight loss, muscle gain or health & wellbeing goals of each participant coupled with individual coaching, mentorship and support by an expert nutrition coach for 12 months.

Australia’s Greatest Transformation Challenge, open to anyone 18+ years of age across Australia and starting on October 3rd 2016, will employ scientifically proven methods based on the latest nutrition, exercise and psychology research with on-on-one accountability, direction and support by a nutrition coach to break down each participants’ final goals into specific and manageable daily habits that can lead to effective changes over the course of the challenge.

Multiple cash prizes of up to $250,000 for the top challengers along with $100,000 of donations to the TLC For Kids charity are also provided along with opportunities to interact, connect, support and share experiences with other participants in the challenge.

More information on Australia’s Greatest Transformation Challenge powered by the leading Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach and its prizes, charity donations or the 365 days of one-on-one coaching with a nutrition expert along with details on how to apply for the limited spots on the program can be consulted on the website link provided above.

The Australia’s Greatest Transformation Challenge organizers explain that “this is the most sustainable, strategic and results-driven transformation challenge anywhere. From losing weight, to gaining muscle or having more energy, we will develop a plan that leads participants step-by-step toward their desired outcome”.

They add that “we are also offering cash prizes and giving away up to $250,000 to the top challengers because when something big is at stake, big inspirational goals are much easier to achieve. All this, also with full 12 months of world-class nutrition coaching, accountability and support to help participants stay consistent and committed to these habits that can lead to changes that last a lifetime”.

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