AUSTRALIA: Innovative Retractable Screens Company Announces “War On Mozzies”

?Today Brisbane-based retractable screens company Intelliscreens announced its company’s summer “War On Mozzies” campaign to assist Australians combat debilitating mosquito borne diseases like Ross River Virus this summer.

Today Brisbane-based retractable screens company Intelliscreens announced its company’s summer “War On Mozzies” campaignto assist Australians combat debilitating mosquito borne diseases like Ross River Virus thissummer.

Insects and mosquitoes in particular, aswell as being a nuisance also present a health risk to Australian families,firstly through food contamination, but also through spreading viruses throughmosquito bites.  These diseases include:

·         Ross RiverVirus disease (Epidemic Polyarthritis).

·         BarmahForest Virus disease.

·         AustralianArboencephalitis.

With Ross River Virus, “only about ten per cent of people infected with the disease actuallydevelop symptoms.  These may appearwithin two to twenty days after a mosquito bite and include:

·        Fatigue,headache and feeling unwell.

·        Jointpains, particularly in the larger joints.

·        Arash on the body and limbs.

Symptoms may persist for more than three months, and in rare cases formore than a year, and severe symptoms may prevent a person from undertakingtheir usual activities.”


Every year insects invade our homes around this time but insects need not ruin summer fun and threaten families’ health, when retractable fly screens designed specifically are able to significantly minimise the impact.

Intelliscreens offers one of Australia’smost popular retractable fly screens to help families enjoy summer with minimal interference from insects.

Kevin Burnside explained:  “Today Intelliscreens is proud to annouce our “War on Mossies” campaign that will assist Australians protect themselves from the nuisance, and risk of mosquitoes and other insects trying to invade their homes as they experience heat wave conditions in Australia this summer.”

He said: “Intelliscreens’ mission is to provide Aussies with a solution that is of the best quality but also affordable.”

On the company website MrBurnside explains: Intelliscreens’mission is to provide premium quality and user-friendly screening solutions at the best possible price coupled with outstanding after-sale service! (Source:

He also highlighted the importance of aesthetics as retractable fly screens are often unsightly but Intelliscreens aim to be elegant and user friendly, presenting to Australians the pleasant looking “pleated” screen, and the ability to span up to even 5 metre widths. “Such screens are suitable for french doors, and bifold doors, as well as sliding and stacker doors” Burns stated.

Mr. Burns urged Australians:  “Don’t rely on harmful insect sprays which aren’t even that effective at controlling insects when a safer and more effective option is available. Consumers can rest assured that they are buying the best quality when they buy from Intelliscreens because every component is carefully selected for quality, durability and lightness.”

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