Australia Immigration – PR Eligibility For Migration Site Relaunched

An Australian migration company, which offers end-to-end help when people are moving to the country, has expanded its site. The relaunched site offers detailed guidance on moving to Australia and becoming a permanent resident.

DMS Migration, an Australian immigration consultant, has re-launched its website with new features and details to help make it easier to find up-to-date information. The company has successfully helped more than 2,000 immigrants in migrating to Australia and prides itself on offering easy access to the information people need to know.

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The company is run by Amitava Deb, an Australian citizen whose tryst with the country started more than 25 years ago. His relationship with Australia made him realise how so many people are keen to migrate there, and wanted to help them achieve their dream.

In order to achieve this passion, he started Debika Migration Services in 2004, and since then the company has flourished, going on to help 2,000 people find their new home and set up a new life in Australia.

The revamped website for DMS Migration includes a detailed report on what to know when applying to be an Australia PR, or Permanent Resident. It explains that people can apply for this visa from anywhere in the world.

DMS Migration can provide end-to-end assistance for people who want to move to Australia to start their new life. Research shows that, once people to move across, 70% of foreign nationals wish to stay there.

Moving to Australia means following the point based system, where people are accepted based on merit. The country uses a points system that seeks to ensure people are brought in with a range of occupational and business skills that can benefit the country.

The DMS Migration report emphasises that there are two significant streams for merit based migration. These are skilled migration and business migration.

Moving to Australia can sometimes be a slow process, where people have to thoroughly prepare documents, fill in forms, and submit items to strict deadlines.

Anyone needing help with the process can get in touch with DMS Migration to ensure their trip across to Australia runs smoothly from start to finish.

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