Australia Earthing Relieve Pain And Inflammation Health Benefits Report Launched

Barefoot Healing P/L announced that a new report on the health benefits of Earthing or Grounding is now available. The report suggests investing in Grounding products which can be used while sleeping, relaxing, or working.

Barefoot Healing P/L announced the launch of a new report covering the benefits of Earthing. The report provides detailed information about how Earthing or Grounding can help one sleep, feel, and heal better.

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Grounding to the Earth’s electrical energy can have healing benefits. The newly launched report by Barefoot Healing P/L aims to educate people on how Grounding can ward off potentially life threatening diseases and contribute to a person’s overall general well-being and longevity.

Many people live with daily pain and constant stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Often, doctors cannot find the cause and resort to prescribing medications that produce side effects such as fatigue, poor mood, and headaches.

Barefoot Healing P/L explains that the body can be protected and helped when one electrically reconnects to the Earth. Earthing or Grounding means putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth.

One of the biggest benefits of Earthing is that it reduces inflammation in the body as it provides a large source of antioxidants. These antioxidants minimize free radical damage to cells and tissues, allowing the body to heal and repair.

The report adds that, with less inflammation in the body, one may experience less aches and pains, sleep better, feel calmer and less stressed, and have a stronger immune system.

Barefoot Healing P/L also suggests the use of indoor Earthing products so that people can do Earthing everyday simply and effortlessly. The new Earthing bedding range at Barefoot Healing allows customers to enjoy a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

According to the official website of Barefoot Healing P/L, “Good sleep is vitally important, as it is during sleep that the body rests, restores and heals itself. It makes sense to give yourself the opportunity for the best sleep, along with an environment which creates the optimal space for healing to take place.”

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