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Sydney-based, Australian-owned and operated Champion System, launches its updated custom cycling jersey printing service. The custom sports clothing brand offers design service, fast delivery and a lifetime crash replacement guarantee.

Champion System Australia has just updated its custom cycling jersey printing service. With the company’s upgraded offering, athletes can purchase customised professional-level gear at much more affordable prices. All kits are made from high-class GLIDE fabric, which provides a glove-like fit that boosts aerodynamics.

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This newly revamped service is ideal for aspiring cyclists, individual athletes, and professional teams. Clients are able to modify the jersey design as they wish, but there are also pre-made templates that they can simply tweak.

Jerseys are a crucial part of the sport as they protect cyclists from the elements and allow them to slice through the wind more easily. However, most off-the-shelf options from major brands can be prohibitively expensive.

Champion System Australia offers a more cost-effective way of procuring cycling gear without sacrificing performance. Clients can expect top-notch customer service from its staff, who will guide them through the process of customising and ordering products.

The custom cycling gear boasts many clever features that help athletes perform at their peak. Its fabric is quick dry, meaning it swiftly wicks away both sweat and water, making for a more comfortable ride.

To protect against sunburn, the jerseys have innate SPF 50+ protection. Sleeves and side panels feature OZONE, a highly breathable cloth that facilitates rapid heat release.

As previously announced, for greater convenience, customers can design their jerseys online. Champion System Australia offers an interactive tool that enables users to modify visual elements and upload bespoke logos.

About Champion System Australia

Champion System Australia was established to make high-quality uniforms accessible to all athletes. Since its inception, it has outfitted some of the world’s elite sports competitors, including Olympians and world champions. In addition to cycling jerseys, it can also manufacture attire for runners and triathletes, as well as specialised gear for winter sports.

A spokesperson says: “When it comes to cycling, every millisecond counts. As such, we offer jerseys that are aerodynamic and fully customisable. Our goal is to make sure that each cyclist is primed to win any match they enter.”

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