Australia Chiropractor Physiotherapy Osteopathy Differences Report Launched

A new alternative medicine report has been launched by National Chiropractor Australia, helping people to identify between chiropractic services, physiotherapy and osteopathy. It breaks down the differences between the three, with supporting videos and information.

National Chiropractor Australia has launched a new report focusing on the differences between chiropractic services, physiotherapist services, and osteopathy. It allows readers to see the benefits of each, and how they might be used to treat certain symptoms and conditions in the best way, while breaking down the key aspects of each.

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The report explains that one of the more common questions that gets asked of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners is “What is the difference between chiropractic, physiotherapy, and osteopathy?” These things can sometimes seem similar, and it’s this question that the new report addresses.

Before breaking down each area, it sets out to define them, so that readers can gain a better understanding of what each one is, what it means, and how it can be used.

The report explains that the term chiropractic ones from the Greek words for hand and practice. It describes treatments done by hands, and in particular hands on therapy, especially as it relates to adjustment of the spine. It is based on the notion that the body’s structure and its function affects health.

With this in mind, manipulation of the spine can be used as a core treatment technique, with special tools and instruments developed especially for the practice.

On the other hand, physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement, maximising potential. It helps people to get a better quality of life, whether recovering from injury or illness, and can help people to deal with, treat and prevent injury and physical problems later in life.

Osteopathic medicine is where physicians work in partnership with their patients, considering the impact that lifestyle and community have on their healthy. Osteopathic manipulative treatment, known as OMT, is hands on care that involves the hands to diagnose, treat and prevent injury or illness.

Full details of the different types of practice are available on the URL above, with accompanying videos and supporting material to help differentiate between them.

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