Austin TX On-Demand Ride-sharing Alternative to Uber Launched

A new on-demand driving app has been launched providing a global alternative to Uber. Mevron rewards drivers and is committed to safety and ongoing, high quality service.

A new Uber alternative has been launched, called Mevron, designed to provide customers with a safe, affordable ride when and where they need it. The app is open to new drivers looking to sign up and earn additional income.

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The team explains that with Mevron, drivers are treated like a person rather than a commodity. They are in full control of their own earnings and can provide ride services for business, travel or simple across-town trips.

Mevron created a system where drivers are able to keep more of what they earn. Each driver is on full control of how often they drive and how far they travel. They can also control their own schedule with ease.

Mevron uses advanced technology and a carefully managed vetting process alongside a clear review system. This helps to ensure that all drivers and riders are safe on every trip they take.

Because Mevron drivers keep more of what they earn, they are a happier team and are fully committed to providing the highest levels of service.

The app was created to provide customers with the most efficient on-demand transport options. Both riders, drivers and businesses can benefit from enhanced flexibility with the freedom to secure a ride whenever needed.

As a leading transport logistics company, Mevron can provide transport options for food, packages and more. They help to keep cities on the move with the highest quality transport services available.

For drivers, benefits of signing up include higher (and more transparent) wages, and a place at the negotiating table. They are no longer tied to 20-25% overpriced commissions and they can keep at least 91% of their earnings on each trip.

They also get to experience their local area and get to know the city’s inhabitants and visitors in new and exciting ways.

The team states: “We’re not merely a company; we’re family. We believe everyone who joins the Mevron movement is critical to our success – from our operations team to the drivers who move the world, to the riders and businesses that depend on our valuable services. Become a part of this growing, family-oriented revolution.”

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