Austin TX Non-Alcoholic Caribbean Ginger/Tropical Cocktail Drink Mixer Launched

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Zurena, LLC, an award-winning producer of all-natural, organic, non-alcoholic drink mixers, announced the expansion of its product line and service area to include Austin Texas, San Antonio Texas, and Houston Texas.

With this expansion, bar, restaurant owners and distributors in areas of Texas like San Antonio, Houston and Austin can now order the premium drink mixer, hailed for its clean, tropical taste and Caribbean spices, direct from the company.

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With the latest announcement, bartenders and mixologists in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio can now use Zurena to create high-quality mocktails and cocktails with all-natural ingredients.

Research shows that alcohol consumption has declined in the last decade as people’s focus on healthy living has increased. Yet, the number of people drinking and socializing every week remains the same. Health-conscious consumers are now opting for low-calorie, non-alcoholic social drinks. If alcohol is consumed they prefer a natural, organic mixer, thereby increasing the nutrient value of the drink and making sure they stay hydrated at the same time.

Zurena is gluten-free, zero-sodium, and fat-free and is organic and completely natural.

Most Zurena cocktails and mocktails have only two ingredients – Zurena and the alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of choice. This simplicity allows bartenders and mixologists to create drink combinations with efficiency and consistency – essential qualities in high volume, busy times.

Since 2013, when the first batch of Zurena was hand-crafted, the premium drink mixer has been regularly served at over 20 bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and event spaces in the US. Winner of the 2018 Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival Award for Best Cocktail, the company continues to honor the ‘faith and family’ approach of the late Carlton Smith, grandfather of the company Founder and CEO Nigel Smith.

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Nigel Smith Founder of the company touched on Zurena’s history, commenting, “Zurena carries the names of Carlton’s great-granddaughters. Zuri – Swahili for beautiful, and Rena – Hebrew for joyful melody. It is this beautiful, joyful melody that is experienced with each pouring. Through our evolution, we have invested not only in creating a premier non-alcoholic mixer for the spirits industry but working with experts to help our brand become a reality. Partnering with the Digital Experts at BeeSeen Solutions has been huge for us. Their understanding of how to drive digital strategies to increase sales and branding has been amazing.”

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