Austin TX Massage Therapy Spa – Custom Lifestyle Treatment Plans Launched

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Spa Paraiso announced the launch of its new Lifestyle Therapy plans, designed to help local Austin clients reduce stress and improve their wellness through personalized treatments.

Austin, Texas-based holistic wellness treatment center Spa Paraiso has launched personalized “Lifestyle Therapies” designed to help clients achieve inner harmony through the discovery of self-care.

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The new treatment plans are launched as Spa Paraiso continues to support the Austin community with holistic massage therapy. Via comprehensive lifestyle assessments and massage plans based on the Austin spa’s Holistic Healthcare System, Spa Paraiso aims to promote an environment conducive to stronger spiritual and mental health.

Company representatives explained that the inner health or wellness of an individual will have a circulatory effect in their community. According to Spa Paraiso, self-care is essential to this process. Their holistic therapies thus aim to help clients to achieve improved emotional health as well as a greater sense of wellbeing.

Spa Paraiso provides their new Lifestyle Therapies in a range of plans spanning 30 minutes to 2 hours, as per client needs. The holistic treatments are centered around lifestyle assessments with individualized plans designed to aid clients by relieving tension and stress. Therapists work with clients to tailor results according to their own specific habits and personal lifestyle traits.

Clients can benefit from the spa’s convenient and affordable plans, focused on improving health and general wellness through holistic treatments. Lifestyle massages are available alongside enhanced therapy services, including aromatherapy and reflexology, as well as traditional table massages such as facial, percussion, friction, effleurage and hot stone therapies.

The spa’s founding principle is based on the idea that people can only share with others what lies within themselves. By helping their clients to find wellness and inner paradise, the spa strives to bring about positive change in Austin and beyond. Additional information about Spa Paraiso can be found at

“Paraiso specializes in repetitive stress reduction for optimal health and wellness benefits,” said a company spokesperson. “Our mission is to introduce an autonomous healthcare system that enhances the body’s natural healing properties by reducing the production of negative stress hormones and replacing them with positive ones.”

Interested parties in and around Austin are invited to visit to learn more about Spa Paraiso and its new Lifestyle Therapy massage plans.

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