Austin TX Contract Assembly OEM Electronic Manufacturing Service Company Launch

Austin Precision Machining and Manufacturing has announced the commencement of comprehensive contract manufacturing for all electronic manufacturing from prototype to full-scale production.

A contract assembly manufacturing company in Pflugerville, TX, has announced contract and electronic assembly services for OEMs. Austin Precision Machining & Manufacturing (APMM) provides a full spectrum of manufacturing services and electronics assembly.

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The company’s announcement of contract electronic assembly for OEMs informs the manufacturing sector in central Texas of its capabilities. Areas of focus also include mechanical assembly, engineering, and system assembly from prototyping through full-scale production.

The engineers at APMM can provide turnkey box builds, engineering, and advanced testing solutions. APMM specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix assemblies. This Texas-based contract assembly and manufacturing company has done extensive work in custom wire harness assembly.

The company’s experienced and professional management team has optimized the use of the company’s space, and its human resource department seeks and hires seasoned designers, tool and die makers, machinists, and supporting workers.

Reducing overhead expenses through space conservation and waste elimination APMM can pass those saving onto its customers. These and other proprietary strategies allow them to surpass competitors. The company now offers low shop rates, quick turnaround, volume discounts, and complimentary local pickup and delivery of all electronic assemblies. For more details, see

Management continually broadens its capabilities and adds to its machine shop services as the market needs dictate staying current with the latest contract manufacturing trends. Initial and ongoing consultations are available, and details of each manufacturing project are discussed. Timely initiation and completion of a client’s proposals are considered within the confines of a budget, with attention given to developing the most expedient course of action.

Specialists can assist companies in the particulars of the pre-manufacturing phase. Experts at the firm can help customers develop the documentation, programs, and prototypes required.

The company has a large machine shop for businesses who need a product designed and into production. They support customers across the board in various industries, including automation, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and semiconductors.

A spokesman said, “APMM is a one-stop CNC machining and manufacturing company that’s serviced Austin, Texas since 2007. APMM provides exceptional parts and services to OEM manufacturers looking for production and prototypes.”,

The announcement of contract assembly and electronic assembly for OEMs gives manufacturers a reliable source in the Austin, Texas area.

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