Austin TX Childrens Oil Painting & Drawing Art Skills Course Launched

A new range of children’s self-paced art classes has been launched by Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio. It offers kids the chance to develop their skills in a friendly environment.

Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio, based in Austin, Texas, has launched a new range of children’s art classes, where attendees can develop their drawing and painting skills. Many people feel as though they can’t draw, but the course develops their self confidence and helps their ability to shine.

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The site explains that Amanda Lee Jones didn’t always know that she wanted to be a painter. It was later in life, during an evening class, that she began her journey in art.

She now says that painting and art have transformed her life, and she is excited to share that passion with other people. She underscores that when she paints, it feels as though the world falls away.

Many people also feel as though they can’t do art, or aren’t very good at painting. However, while it’s true that some people do have an innate ability, it’s also possible to learn the necessary skills and techniques to create great art.

For children who express a desire to learn how to draw, paint, or create art, then a course with Amanda Lee Jones could be a brilliant catalyst.

With a strong foundation in classical training, the student will develop more options when they move on to creating original works of art.

Amanda Lee Jones states: “In my children’s art classes, I teach representational drawing and painting. I start out teaching how to draw and paint what you see with more accuracy so that the student may develop skills that can be used later to create any type of art they wish.”

Units in the course are designed carefully, so that each builds on the next, and the student experiences more success and less frustration. The curriculum is self paced, so it’s easier for anyone to get involved.

Amanda teaches drawing and oil painting in a relaxed and kid friendly style. There are a number of benefits to developing skills in art, from promoting creativity through to building confidence, problem solving, and determination.

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