Austin TX Childrens Art Classes Fall Program At Art Training Center Announced

Austin, TX art training center Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio announced the fall semester of its art classes for children aged 8 to 18. The classes involve sixteen 90-minute training sessions across six months, teaching drawing and painting in an atelier-style setting.

Austin, TX art training center Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio announced its fall semester of children’s art classes. The semester is scheduled to commence in the month of August and end in December and consists of approximately 16 training sessions.

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The objective of the classes is to help young learners with a desire or passion for art to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques from a qualified and experienced artist in a child-friendly atelier style workshop environment. The studio’s instruction focuses on representational drawing and painting – helping students learn to paint what they see as they see it.

The fall semester will focus on helping students learn representational drawing using the comparative measurement method followed by instruction in the elements of art such as value and color. Jones delivers individualized training to batches of up to six students across multiple levels of skill, aged 8 to 18. Students experience a mix of teaching and self-discovery methods across 90-minute sessions.

The Austin representational art workshop provides students with basic drawing materials and supplementary art materials at no charge. The studio also emphasizes a self-paced course of study and the development of skills that can be used across multiple art styles.

According to a spokesperson for Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio, “We are happy to announce the fall semester of our representational drawing and painting classes. We welcome young artists and art enthusiasts to experience learning in an enjoyable studio environment.”

Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio is located in Austin, TX and is headed by founder, art teacher, and artist Amanda Lee Jones. Jones has trained extensively with Mary Watkins, an artist, and educator specializing in representational oil paintings, and with realist painters Graydon Parrish and Daniel Sprick. She is an alumnus of the 3 Muses School of Fine Arts and Texas State University.

More information is available at 512-826-1802 and at the URL above.

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