Austin Single Family Rental Asset Class Investment Consulting Services Launched

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Austin private equity fund Magnify Capital, LLC, launched a full range of strategic investment consulting services for investors interested in single-family rental assets in the Austin area.

Magnify Capital, LLC, an Austin, Texas private equity firm, launched a full range of investment consulting services for anyone interested in investing in single-family rental properties in the Austin area. The firm’s solutions are based on its founders’ decades of on-the-ground experience, clients benefiting from a risk-resilient investment approach designed to maximize their real estate investment success.

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Many real estate investors find it difficult to develop a successful portfolio, as the current real estate market is highly complex and requires strategic planning to generate sustainable long-term portfolio growth.

Single-family residential properties offer one of the most attractive investment opportunities, with a current ownership rate of just 2%. Considering that multi-family residential properties have a corresponding rate of more than 55%, investing in the single-family rental market can be considerably more lucrative.

Magnify Capital helps investors grow their portfolios by finding exciting single-family rental property investment opportunities in the Austin area. Services include complete assistance towards sourcing off-market single-family rental assets, implementing a risk-resilient portfolio diversification strategy, and many others.

The company’s solutions are based on its founders’ extensive on-the-ground experience in real estate investment and analytics, property management and other areas. Real estate experts and agency founders Tommy Prate and David Osborn have decades of combined experience developing effective investment portfolios and strengthening their strategic partnerships with various important players in the Austin real estate market.

A spokesperson for the company said: “David Osborn’s real estate industry experience and strategic partner relationships combined with Tommy Prate’s fund operational expertise and asset raising success have led to the creation of a risk-resilient investment approach within a segment of the real estate investment market that is positioned for significant growth.”

Interested parties can find more information on the company’s services by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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