AUS Premium Hand-Cut Kangaroo Jerky High-Protein Sustainable Game Meat Launched

Australian company Red Hot Roo launched updated kangaroo jerky products that are now available to order online. The high-protein sustainable game meats come in both Mild and Hot flavour.

Australian kangaroo jerky producer Red Hot Roo has launched an updated range of premium game meat products. The company’s hand-cut kangaroo jerky is now available for online ordering.

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The newly updated products aim to provide a sustainable source of protein without negatively impacting consumer health or Australia’s environment.

Kangaroo meat is low in both cholesterol and fat and contains about twice the amount of iron when compared to beef. Because the high-protein red meat is produced only from free-grazing kangaroos, it does not contain any chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

Red Hot Roo is dedicated to offering healthy jerky products while still maintaining a small carbon footprint. With lower water requirements and carbon emissions than cows and sheep, kangaroos provide an environmentally-friendly source of red meat.

The company’s naturally-preserved game meat is handcrafted from top-quality kangaroo cuts. Each of Red Hot Roo’s jerky products is marinated in all-natural, sulphate-free ingredients, including soy sauce, red chilli, garlic, and vinegar.

The gourmet kangaroo jerky is currently available in two signature flavours: Hot and Mild. The Mild option is described as a peppery and slightly smoky flavour, while the Hot comes with a kick of chillies and spices.

All of the company’s kangaroo cuts are sourced locally from Australia. The meat is hung and drained overnight, seasoned and marinated with nitrate-free ingredients, air-dried, and left to rest before packaging to ensure maximum flavour.

Both the Hot and Mild kangaroo jerkies are available for customers to order online at the company’s website. Shipping typically takes 3 to 5 days once an order is processed.

With the newest update, Red Hot Roo continues to offer a sustainable, protein-packed alternative to other meat and poultry jerky. The family-owned company works closely with the Australian government to develop quality control with responsible and ethical kangaroo harvesting procedures.

A satisfied customer said: “We tried Red Hot Roo and can’t get enough of it. The option of Mild or Hot makes sure there is something for the whole family. You need more than one packet as soon as you open it, everyone wants some.”

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