Aurora CO Spiritual Guidance – Mindfulness/Chakra Life Coach Counseling Launched

New Earth Center has launched their new spiritual counseling service, a program which includes weekly spiritual guidance sessions over the course of three months.

The new program is built around the guiding principles of the New Earth Center. Each guidance session is designed to coach individuals through their spiritual lessons, which will then resolve their emotional, mental and physical issues.

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The New Earth Center is designed around the idea that one can, through mindfulness, meditation and other practices, evolve with the ultimate goal of living a life filled with happiness and joy. These new guidance sessions are conducted individually by the center’s two main spiritual guides, who will assist those who resonate on a personal basis.

The teachings of Chakras and the role they play in spiritual well-being comes from the Vedas, an Indian texts dating back to somewhere around 500 BC. Cleansing and balancing of the chakras is the goal of many traditional and new-age wellness systems, and is also the basis for yoga.

New Earth Center developed 7 courses that work on all main energy centers in the body and the aspects of life they are related to. In the guidance sessions offered through the counseling service, New Earth’s teachers will explore, over the course of a one-and-half-hour-long zoom call, ways in which physical, mental and emotional issues can be attributed to certain distorted beliefs that are held in cellular memory of different areas of the body, and fixed by working on these areas.

What they do can be best described as transpersonal counseling that involves the expansion of consciousness beyond the usual limits of ego and personality, and beyond the conventional limitations of space and time. Problems are seen as opportunities for growth. The objective of transpersonal counseling is not only to stop symptoms, but to realize what they have to teach us. The results that this approach brings is psychological and spiritual maturity, rapid growth, quantum jumping to higher timelines. That means you will not waste years of your life being stuck in drama, negative emotions, unhealthy relationships or dealing with the same problem again and again.

Alua and Nick Patel, the center’s two coaches, will work together to provide guidance and coaching across their areas of expertise. Their holistic approach addresses all aspects of human experience – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Before the guidance sessions begin, New Earth Center offers consultations to ensure that the program suits the needs of the individual, and that the individual is ready for the program. The center places an emphasis on the willingness of the students to

take full responsibility for their realities and their willingness to do deep inner work. Otherwise they will not be able to receive the benefits from these courses.

In the words of the center’s founders, “This transition to a healthier state requires us to review and reevaluate our beliefs, attitudes, mentalities, lifestyles, value systems, how we relate to each other, the way we work, and everything else.”

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