AUM Meditation Has Changed The Face of Online Detox Yoga Meditation in Bangalore

Nivesaa reviews its promise that AUM Meditation, its fitness & wellness booster, would change things in the online detox and awareness yoga meditation in Bangalore space for the better. Further information can be found at

Nivesaa has reviewed the online detox and awareness yoga meditation in Bangalore since it announced the launch of AUM Meditation back in June 1st 2016 and has been providing the same for almost two months now. This fitness & wellness booster was promised to shake things up and almost two months later, facts are in.

Previously, with even a passing glance, a person would notice that everyone is handing out old stereotyped meditations which have lost their freshness and have turned more mechanical than creative. The Co-founder at Nivesaa, Aastha Gulati , makes a point of saying “things had already started changing when we launched AUM Meditation back in June 2016”.

Aastha Gulati continues… “Where you’ll likely always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we want to begin our next round of AUM Chapter 2 from 1st August in a new way. As you are aware, AUM is our online detox and awareness yoga meditation in Bangalore wherein you receive a daily meditation and a write up or questionnaire on your email and all you need to do is follow what the text and the meditations say. It deals with detox at different levels from anger release to forgiveness, from aches and pains to chakra cleansing – it is an excellent way to stay centered and detoxify your mind and body on a daily basis. Once these meditations reach you, you can do them anytime you like and space them out according to your convenience. The feedback has been very good for the first chapter and hence we hope to reach out to a lot more of you with this wonderful, non-invasive yet an extremely powerful program.. We do this because we believe it poses a targeted creative challenge to the inquisitive yet wavering mind that has already been burdened with lot many time constraints turning people into corporate robots. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because they get a fresh breeze of targeted creativity satiating their inherent inquisitiveness and addressing their awareness that they were not only born with but also were born for. We actually hope others follow suit.”

Aastha also got her video titled “AUM Meditation: An Online Detox and Awareness Yoga Meditation in Bangalore & Out of It” uploaded on YouTube:

Nivesaa was established in March 2014. It has been doing business for more than two years and it has always aimed at helping people to tap into their immense potential of being happy, fit and healthy and most importantly at peace with themselves and everything around them. It believes that because the body has its own mind and the mind moves in its own ways, it is best to bring them together to experience complete wholeness and bliss..

Currently, the closest thing to AUM Meditation is joining some old school stereotyped meditation group and keep getting strained about reaching there in time tearing through all the stressful traffic jams on the way everyday, but AUM Meditation has improved on this by a series of regular online sessions that are conducted in the cyber space. Every day the subscribers are sent a short thought or para, followed by a questionnaire that they need to fill only for themselves without sharing it with anyone, and a short 5-10 minutes meditation is attached with it. Each day, the format is slightly different – someday they get only a write up and on another, a few questions as well. The meditations and questionnaires are designed and conceptualized by therapist and healer, Aastha Gulati.. This alone was enough to make this fitness & wellness booster titled AUM Meditation by Nivesaa quite popular with customers in the online detox and awareness yoga meditation in Bangalore space, quickly.

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