Augmented Reality 3D Avatar For Business Meetings and Events Launched

AugRay, the market leader in immersive augmented reality technology, have launched Web AR based 3D avatar service. It’s designed for businesses looking to maximize employee engagement during the pandemic.

AugRay has announced the launch of an innovative 3D Avatar Platform that allows businesses to effectively communicate with their employees nationally and internationally despite travel & social distancing restrictions during the pandemic. Companies can organize internal events and engage their staff or customers with an immersive and interactive virtual experience through the creation of a 3D Avatar.

The team explains that this unique 3D Avatar platform can be used in regular meetings or to engage in a one-off event such as an annual company event, which cannot be held in current new normal situation due to the outbreak.

AugRay were formed in 2014 and are now global leaders in augmented reality technology for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. They design augmented and virtual reality solutions for businesses to communicate with and engage their stakeholders, both internally and externally. Their technology provides new opportunities for businesses to communicate during the pandemic.

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In While large scale public meetings and travel remain difficult at home and abroad, the use of new technology has ensured that businesses can continue to operate. AugRay’s innovative platform helps create 3D look alike avatars that can animate and communicate instantly. They can be used to facilitate successful conversations with employees, partners, and vendors on a regular basis.

An example of the successful application of this innovative and engaging technology was provided by a global leader in medical technology. They recently approached AugRay with a brief to involve their employees and drive active participation during their annual employee meeting. AugRay used its Avatar Platform to develop an intuitive Augmented Reality solution for near-personal interactions.

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The platform allowed the organization’s Managing Director to enter the employee’s virtual space to personally interact and communicate with a personalized message for these times. The employees, safely at home, could scan a QR code to open the smartphone camera application and position the 3D avatar of the leader virtually on their real space, delivering the message.

This experience was completely seamless, and took just a few seconds to load, giving the employees an uninterrupted experience. All of this was made possible without the need for installing a new application on individual devices.

The 3D Avatar conversation using Augmented Reality is a first-of-its-kind innovation. It’s designed to shape the future of working from home to maximize productivity as well as collaboration.

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