Audiologists can now Drive new Patients to their Practice by Partnering with

This press release announces the launch of a new website,, which is designed to help audiologists improve their hearing aid marketing efforts.

One of the biggest challenges audiologists face when itcomes to hearing aid marketing is drawing new patients to their practice. Encouragingpeople to visit an audiologist requires that a Google search for a particularpractitioner yields positive results. This is best achieved through reputationmanagement, which is something excels in.

These days, people who are looking for an audiologist aremore likely to turn to the Internet to help them find one. New patients tend toplace a lot of emphasis on online reviews when making their decision. As such,an audiologist with few positive reviews – or reviews on the wrong websites – canhave a hard time attracting new clients. On the other hand, ones with five-starreviews are extremely likely to attract new customers, particularly if thosereviews are found on high traffic websites.

The way works is unique in that theirunique research system will perform an assessment to see what if any negative onlinereviews are out there, and which websites they are coming from. Once this isaccomplished, a detailed plan can be put in place to get positive reviews on preciselythe right sites in order to increase a practitioner’s online reputation.

This targeted approach to reputation management and hearingaid marketing in general ensures that positive reviews are more likely to beseen by people who are searching the World Wide Web for an audiologist. Inturn, it makes it more likely that a new patient will visit that practice,allowing an audiologist to increase his or her client base on an ongoing basis.

Right now, is making their uniqueresearch system available at no cost to practices that would like to improvetheir hearing aid marketing efforts. This offer is only available for a limitedtime, so those who are interested in finding out what their online reputationis should visit their website soon in order to take advantage of this specialoffer. After visiting the website, the only thing needed is to enter a businessphone number in order to view results in real time.

The professionals at know thatpeople are searching for hearing aid services every day, and the likelihood ofthem finding one depends on one’s online reputation. Anyone who would like tobe seen in a positive light can benefit from using their system, regardless ofwhether or not negative information shows up in search engine results.

About the Company:

Headed by Kelly Smith of The WebSmith Group, is devoted to improving hearing aid marketing foraudiologists by improving their online reputation. They do so using only themost ethical methods, with the goal of reaching the first page of Google searchengine results. can be reached at 775-722-4949.

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