(AUDIO ENHANCED) Muhammed Ali. Albert Einstein. Steve McQueen. Global Icons. In MarketRadio Episode 5, Network Entertainment Group Inc. (NTE:TSX.V) Producer Derik Murray discuss...

CALGARY, AB / April 1, 2014 / Network Entertainment Group Inc. (NTE:TSX.V) is in the business of creating series television and iconic biographies.

And they're very good at both.

Their marquee includes the TV series' Making The Cut, Legends of Hockey and CFL Traditions, while their biopics include profiles of some of the entertainment businesses' most iconic figures.

In this episode of MarketRadio, CEO, Producer and Director Derik Murray takes time with Pat Beechinor to discuss his corporate visions.

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Q: Your latest biography is on Evel Knievel - why?

Q: This is the first time Evel Knievel's family has been involved in a biography. Strong endorsement?

Q: With your TV and movie success, have roles reversed now with distribution where distributors now pursue you, rather than the other way around?

Q: Your production of "Facing Ali" was short-listed for nomination for an Academy Award - were you surprised?

Q: Network Media Group has a unique formula for execution and delivery - explain?

Q: Where is your audience primarily? TV? Theaters? Internet? All of the above?

Q: As a public company how do you finance? Is it on an annual basis? Project-to-project or what?

Q: What projects do you have in the pipeline? Can you discuss it?

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