Audio Engineering & Music Production Certification Online Video Course Released

A new online video training program on audio engineering and music production by Sound Bridge Academy has been launched. Upon completing the course, students can get an official professional certificate.

Sound Bridge Academy announced the release of a new affordable music production certification online course. Students are invited to learn more about audio engineering and how to become record producers. The course features high-quality practical video lessons delivered by real audio producers.

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Instructors and real producers at Sound Bridge Academy designed this self-paced course to allow students to learn more about audio and acoustics, hardware and software setup, mixers, sequencers and more.

For people interested in learning music production, the course offers amazing opportunities for expanding their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes. By acquiring an official certificate from the Academy, students can validate their expertise and boost their career prospects.

Sound Bridge Academy is an art educational platform that has a solid music production program that has stood the test of time. It invites students to join their newly released audio production online training and get lifetime access to a plethora of knowledge related to powerful production software programs, digital audio stations, and music production techniques.

Upon completion of all 6 courses, students get an official Music Production Certificate Diploma.

The course was curated and delivered by live and studio audio professionals. It is geared toward studio work but offers a good background in theory and general knowledge about mixing which transfers to live sound. It is recommended that students have a good internet connection to enjoy the distant learning experience.

The course is perfect for people who have a strong desire to produce recordings of fully professional quality in their own home studio. It features 80+ hours of hands-on high-quality HD video lessons.

A satisfied student shares, “ I am really happy I took this course because it gave me all the core knowledge I need to be able to turn my ideas into reality in a much more efficient manner. I feel like I can use any Synth, Plugin or DAW in the market because I understand how their components work.”

The training covers all the necessary aspects of audio engineering. Users start with the overview to understand the fundamentals before they move on to more practical lessons.

The course helps enhance analytical and problem-solving skills and also teaches students how to use various computer programs for audio production and engineering.

The videos cover topics related to sound design, audio processing, composition and sketching, arrangement and structure, and mixing and mastering. It is one of the Academy’s signature audio programs that train for careers in the music industry.

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