Audicon Helps Property Managers With Amazing LED Lighting Retrofits

Through energy-efficient LED lighting, artfully placed fixtures and devices connected into a well-programmed system, property managers can be confident they are helping preserve the planet, saving money and lowering energy consumption.

For property managers eager to boost the efficiency of older buildings emerging from lockdown, LED lighting retrofits with Audicon offer high-tech solutions that save money while also preserving the planet.

After a long lean start to the year, it’s time for property managers to fatten up that bottom line. And with few prospects of upping rents, the only other option is to cut back on expenditures – particularly monthly utility bills.

Over a building’s lifetime, operating expenses account for 90% of its costs, compared to only 10% for the actual purchase price. Energy – heating, cooling, and lighting – accounts for much of these expenditures, with lighting imposing a heavy burden on building budgets.

This is why upgrading to LEDs is one of the brightest solutions for a property manager eager to prune the annual operating budget for an older building – and the quickest way to do this is through LED lighting retrofits.

With no need for complex wiring and expensive skilled labor, this can be as simple as screwing in new LED light bulbs. But for the best possible results, a professional energy audit by Audicon and EnergyWare LED Installations is the most prudent way to decide the best fixtures and fittings for sustainable energy savings.

Converting some 50% of energy into light (compared to a puny 4% for incandescent bulbs), environmentally-friendly LED lights increase illumination by up to 100%. Automatically spotlighting goods and products on display, this keeps customers browsing comfortably and safely for longer periods, with higher probabilities of sales.

In older buildings, brighter LED lighting also lessens the risk of accidents, shop-lifting, till-skimming, and other money-draining incidents like leaks and fire hazards slipping by unnoticed. Employee morale improves in better-lit settings, with higher productivity. Even the surrounding community benefits, through a sense of heightened security, as well as less air pollution.

Producing very little heat, LED lights boost energy efficiency through bulbs with a lifespan of up to half a century. This is fifty times longer than other types of lighting that burn through maintenance budgets by getting too hot to even touch, lasting barely a year before replacements are needed. And every bulb change bumps up demands on tight budgets for spares, storage space, personal protection equipment and maintenance staff wages.

Property managers keeping a sharp eye on the balance sheet know that LED lighting retrofits offer instant energy savings through simple bulb replacements. But for maximum economy, a professional lighting consultant like Audicon conducts a full expense management and bill audit. Familiar with the latest developments on the dynamic lighting market, it partners with EnergyWare LED Installations to design smart lighting solutions and LED lighting retrofits, where the strategic placement of innovative top-of-the-line fixtures ensures ultra-high efficiency lighting.

For even tighter control over electricity bills, personalized lighting schemes can be built into LED lighting retrofits by Audicon and EnergyWare LED Installations. Dimmers, timers and movement sensors ensure that exactly the right amount of lighting is provided for just as long as it is needed. Thanks to modern telecommunications, property managers can now achieve energy savings of up to 90% through interconnected lighting systems, managing area lighting as needed, through an iPhone app.

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