Audi VW Car Lowering Springs Crowd Funding Initiative Is Launched On Indiegogo To Support MSSKITS

William Blankson and MSS KITS team coming up with an amazing crowd funding initiative on the This campaign is called “MSS KITS: Enhanced Car Suspension Systems” A patent pending fully height adjustable car lowering spring kit

The MSS KITScar enthusiast team which is popular on Volkswagen Audi Forums headed byWilliam Blankson is delighted to come up with an exciting Crowd Fundinginitiative on the popular fundraising site, This initiative isknown as MSS KITS: Enhanced Car Suspension Systems!

This is a crowdfunding campaign that is based on the much talked about MSS Spring Kits, an innovativeadjustable car suspension enhancement kit which has been developed inpartnership with Eibach. This is a UK based engineering technology brand thatwas created in the year 2013. This company was initiated by William Blankson. Heis reported to be a huge car enthusiasts, he has finally come up with a rangeof high performance fully height adjustable lowering spring kits primarilyaimed at vehicles fitted with active (electronic) suspension systems.

This campaignis about supporting and expanding the range of the kits to other Audi and VWmodels. This was initially marketed for Audi TTMK2 sports car for the buyers fromthe UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Scotland and Australia. This campaign was brought about by thehuge enquires received world wide for a MSS Spring Kits for Prestigious Germancar makes – Audi; BMW; Porsche; VW. The campaign is designed to raise funds,brand awareness and to gain support to widen there existing product range. Thiscampaign was initiated in a few days back and is going to be available for next45 days. 

This campaign is designed to support the Pre-sellingphase for the Audi S4, VW Scirocco MK3 and VW Golf MK5  to MK7 products under development.

Contributors can donate any amount startingfrom $1 to support this cause. Every contribution would be appreciated withcertain rewards or products. However, the kind and type of awards, offered bythe campaign raisers, would vary on the basis of the amount of contribution. Thedetails about this crowd funding campaign can also be found on popular social mediaplatforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, check out the web baseof the campaign to know more about it. For more details please visit…

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