Audacity Beginners Manual & Audio Editing Podcast Recording Tutorial Launched

A new Audacity beginners’ manual, entitled Audacity 101, which offers readers all the tutorials and guidance they need to start using the free audio editing software to create, edit and perfect their podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows or live audio recordings has been launched.

Audacity 101, a simple tutorial and step by step guide to help beginners who want to start using the free audio editing software Audacity to create professional-quality audio products like podcasts, radio shows or audiobooks, has been launched

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The Audacity is a free open source audio editing software used to record, mix and edit sound which has exceed 100 million downloads online and allows podcasters, radio show hosts and even musicians with no prior audio production skills to easily create, improve and perfect their live audio recordings.

To help beginners who want to put together professional-quality audio products like podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, seminars or interviews using the free Audacity software, the authors Greg Benoit, Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes have announced the release of an easy to follow tutorial and step by step guide entitled Audacity 101.

The e-book covers all the basic steps users need to know to start confidently using the program and includes more than 40 ‘over the shoulder’ images walking them through how to make the recording, edit any mistakes and defects, remove the background noise, add sound effects and musical intros or export the file to mp3 with just their computer and a simple microphone or mixer.

The Audacity 101 authors explain that “this guide shows everyone how to use the Audacity software to create and edit high-quality audio. It carefully walks readers through everything they need to know about this free audio editing software, from start to finish. It’s the perfect way to start spinning out great audio products like audiobooks, podcasts or seminars with just a computer, a simple microphone and this amazing 100% free software.”

More information on the new Audacity 101 beginners’ guide, available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format, can be requested at the website link provided above along with further details on the uniquely affordable introductory price it is currently being provided at or the topics covered in its 86 pages and the ‘over the shoulder’ tutorials it provides to help anyone easily create the most professional audio recordings.

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