Auckland NZ Cricket Specific Strength and Conditioning Program Announced

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Central Auckland NZ City CBD: Steve Buckley announces a cricket specific strength and conditioning program

Steve Buckley is an Auckland NZ based specialist strength and conditioning coach for elite sports people and athletes. He recently announced a program designed for cricket players. To contact Steve, visit

Buckley says ‘Cricket is unique sport in terms of its demands on the body and therefore requires very specific conditioning’.

Youths are typically weaker than adults and more prone to injury. In these sub-elite stages of sport development the gap between youth strength levels and the stressors they place on their bodies is large. Recent media coverage about Steve is here

As they repeat the same actions over and over again the risk of overuse increases. Bowlers are a good example of this. Bowling places a lot of strain on the body, in particular the back and shoulders. Targeted strength training can offset this repetition, protecting the body and preventing injury. Strength and conditioning helps in the following ways:

Stronger muscles generate more power improving batting, bowling and throwing distance. They also increase running acceleration, support joints and with training designed to increase strength in a wide range of movement the risk of injury is minimized further.

Get Faster. Bowling speed will be increased. Getting to the ball faster in the field means less runs for the other team while faster sprint times equals more runs for you.

Being fitter raises your capacity to focus and be sharper when batting, bowling and catching. Endurance for repetitive sprinting means more runs while increased attention equates to faster reaction times and efficiency.

As seen here Steve is strength and conditioning specialist with extensive experience training, testing and benchmarking elite athletes for competition in World Championships, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and professional sport teams, including the NZ Breakers and Northern Mystics. He was the Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the NZ Breakers for 7 years spanning the period in which they won their first NBL Championship in 2011, successfully defended it in 2012 and 2013 and reclaimed it in 2015.

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