Auckland NZ Auto Showroom Virtual Tour – Interactive Marketing Services Launched

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Web & Design Boutique (, a full-service digital multimedia agency, has expanded its line of services, offering Auckland, New Zealand clients a bespoke brand marketing solution that includes 360-degree virtual tours.

Increasingly more consumers now prefer a virtual tour before deciding whether to visit a place in person. This trend provides an incredibly cost-effective marketing opportunity for businesses to engage with in-market customers on another level. Through its latest offering, the agency empowers business owners with the right tools to create an immersive, deeply interactive experience for prospects as they interact with their products or services.

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As trends show, most shoppers would take the option to try out unique design elements for their homes virtually before shopping, as against purchasing the same items with no idea how it will complement their existing pieces. Leveraging on this new service, owners across sectors can now provide their audience with a 360-degree panoramic view of their offerings, giving them a full spatial feel of the item even when they’re hundreds of miles away.

While any company can use 3D virtual tours to promote its products or services, the solution offered by the Auckland agency is suitable for businesses in these verticals, including real estate, architecture, landscaping, galleries, and museums.

Virtual tours are effective resources for showcasing a company’s services in a positive light. They allow companies to transform their marketing materials from bland 2D content to a highly interactive, 3D experience that gives customers the complete view and feel of their products as if they were there in person.

For environmentally conscious brands, including virtual tours as part of their marketing mix ensures they can help customers reduce their carbon footprint since they don’t have to fly out or drive to experience their services anymore.

Web & Design Boutique’s dedicated virtual tour specialists can handle every aspect of the production, from taking 360-degree photographs to the final immersive virtual tours creation.

Depending on a client’s needs, the team can integrate various features such as slideshows, videos, animations, and live video chat, providing an even more memorable experience for prospects.

They also offer advanced options upon request, like adding a floor plan with a structural outline of the client’s premises or superimposing design elements to give a better idea of proportion.

A company spokesperson said: “Virtual tours can transform your online browsing to an immersive experience. You will get a complete feel of the place without physically travelling there.”

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