Auckland North Shore Hot Water Cylinder Repair & Conversion Costs Announced

Auckland North Shore plumbing company Precision Plumbing announced its gas heating conversion services to residential and commercial customers across its service area. The company's team of master plumbers & heating technicians will perform safe and affordable conversions for all major brands of heating systems.

Auckland North Shore plumbing company Precision Plumbing announced the availability of its hot water system conversion services. The company provides safe and quick conversions from conventional water heating systems to continuous-flow gas heating systems.

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The hot water cylinder element replacement North Shore company specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of gas water heating systems. These systems operate at significantly higher energy efficiency with many models being able to deliver a continuous supply of hot water on demand. Precision Plumbing now offers affordable conversion services for multiple brands of conversion-compatible water heating systems.

The hot water cylinder element replacement north shore firm’s services cover all major brands of interior and exterior gas hot water cylinders including Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch. The company also installs and repairs electrical hot water systems from 15-litre to 300-litre cylinders for residential and commercial use.

Precision Plumbing also provides core residential and commercial plumbing services including piping, water and drain installation and cleaning services, swimming pool water infrastructure, kitchen & bathroom troubleshooting, plumbing renovations and refits. All plumbing services are accompanied by the company’s 12-month service guarantee. Other services include roof repairs and spout cleaning as well as full roof replacement services.

According to a spokesperson for the hot water cylinder repairs North Shore, Auckland company, “Gas conversion is an affordable alternative to replacing a water heating unit. High-performance gas water systems offer a combination of energy and resource efficiency while ensuring the quick availability of running hot water.”

Precision Plumbing is an owner-operated and fully insured plumbing services provider serving the area north of the Harbour Bridge in Auckland, NZ. The company is a full Member of the Master Plumbers Association and a Certified Gas Fitter. More information about the company’s gas conversion and other services is available over the phone at 021-841-745 and at

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