Auckland Home Security Surveillance Systems Launch New Promotion For Homeowners

PSS NZ Security announce a special service calls offer on their home security surveillance system installations following news articles of rising burglary statistics.

PSS NZ Security a small but popular Auckland home security and surveillance company, is delighted to announce the launch of their latest promotion. Any homeowner who has one of their hi-tech security systems installed will be able to take advantage of three free service calls in the six months following installation.

These calls will ensure that the system remains working at maximum capacity, and will include a full system check, camera,and sensor cleaning, and a further explanation and clarification of how the system works, should the homeowner require it. The company also operates its own PSS NZ Security YouTube channel where it provides security advice and product reviews.

“For Auckland Home Security Surveillance Systems, PSS NZ Security only use state of the art equipment, which rarely if ever goes wrong,” said, Danny Ali the owner of the company. PSS’s surveillance cameras deliver crystal clear images, and are extremely reliable. When new systems are installed it is important the owner is educated on how it works and receive answers to any questions.

What has been learned over the last few years is that after a few weeks people get comfortable with the system, and don’t check it as often as when it was first installed. When a revisit is done back to the property for a service call, sometimes spiders have spun a web across the camera lens, or worse still the owner has hung decorations in front of the camera, forgetting it was there.

Homeowners need to check their security camera systems on a regular basis. Once a habit has been formed, then it becomes second nature. Regularly checking alarm systems is a key role for homeowners to ensure a constantly working home security system.

Auckland Home Security Surveillance Systems are a leading provider of home security systems, surveillance cameras, and professionally trained security guards. For more information about the company or to discuss any security requirements visit their website at

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