Auburn Auto Detailing Mobile Vehicle Maintenance Services Launched

Ballistic Detailing have announced a comprehensive range of new autodetailing programmes designed to restore vehicles to showroom condition. This unsurpassed level of service is available on location via their specialist vehicle fleet, or by booking an appointment at their Auburn workshop.

Ballistic Detailing of Auburn, California have introduced new service packages to extend their leading autodetailing services which are capable of restoring vehicles to showroom appearance and appeal. Their high-end services are available to protect and restore a wide range of vehicles, inside and out, to as new condition, including cars and trucks, RVs, boats and even airplanes.

For more information please visit the website here:

Ballistic Detailing operatives can visit clients in their fully equipped vehicles and meet their every autodetailing need. Or clients are welcome to attend their specialist workshop in Auburn.

Here owner Jason Mentas and his team of car enthusiasts have thirty years’ experience delivering high quality work and customer experience in Northern California.

Their tailored packages include everything needed to restore the showroom shine and condition customers’ vehicles deserve. Ballistic Detailing ensure all aspects of a vehicle’s interior and exterior are thoroughly cleaned in a thorough and professional program taking many hours to complete.

Outside the team uses a clay bar treatment to remove surface imperfections and oxidation before carefully applying paint restoration treatments to ensure lasting paint brilliance. Inside the vehicle is deep cleaned, carefully reaching every nook and cranny to protect and restore all surfaces, including upholstery and delicate leather.

Autodetailing to this standard enhances curb appeal and can increase a vehicle’s value whilst providing a more satisfying and safer driving experience. A clean and fresh interior ensures a more comfortable ride.

Cleaned and protected lights, windows and windscreen provide the ultimate in clear visibility. Whether the vehicle is a well-used family workhorse or a cherished collector’s car, all will benefit from the unsurpassed service provided by Ballistic Autodetailing.

The experience of well-used truck owner Michelle is typical of the many five-star customer reviews that can be seen on their website:

“The shop is super professional, and the employees are very welcoming. I needed my truck detailed because it was an absolute mess! When I picked it up it looked absolutely amazing. The engine, the interior, the paint all looked brand new again!”

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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