Attorney Lead Generation: Webinar to Expose the Only Lead Gen That Works

Attorney LeadFlow held an informative webinar on Attorney Lead Generation. For a limited time, attorneys and Lawyers can view the webinar for free at

Law firms interested in learning more about how to overcome the challenges of creating a consistent flow of Attorney Lead Generation will not want to miss this webinar presented by the folks at Attorney LeadFlow.

Attorneys can watch an exclusive free webinar on how to create lead generation specific to law firms. The model is called Attorney LeadFlow, and it’s a powerhouse. It truly is the only organic lead generation built for attorneys that works for 2017. This is NOT a webinar on paid advertising.

To learn more, simply follow this link to register for a free webinar: The webinar starts Monday, 6/26/2017 and will be offered twice daily – Noon EST and 5 PM EST. But it won’t be up for long because the company works on a exclusivity basis. When the spots are filled, the offer will be closed down.

Along with answering any specific questions about the lead generation model, the presenters will do a deep dive into how the Attorney LeadFlow model actually works. The end result will literally blow the mind of many attorneys struggling with a consistent flow of leads. Furthermore, the model will be 100% exposed so even the firms that do not partner with Attorney LeadFlow, can take the model and go implement their own powerhouse lead platform if they so choose. Nothing is left out.

Partnership is key to how Attorney LeadFlow works – the partnership includes exclusivity – only one attorney per practice per city. “Owning” a geographical area for a practice area places the firm in an absolute ideal situation for obtaining not only leads, but quality leads. And, an endless stream of leads. The law firm will literally own as much real estate and as many leads, as the firm can handle. It will literally be a “lead spicket” that can be turned on and off.

There will be one big surprise. One of the most misunderstood facts will exposed during the webinar regarding lead generation, and this will definitely surprise listeners.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

Owning a practice area in a specific geographical area – forming a partnership with the attorney and working exclusively for the firm, meaning that once the partnership is established, the firm will own a specific practice area or areas and city or cities. With this lead generation model, there will be not one, but multiple sites or pages, potentially ranking on the first page of search engines.

Protecting the firms website from “Google slaps” is essential. There is strong evidence that most SEO done to websites will place the website at risk, and into Google’s “line of fire” for penalties. And the webinar delves into how to stay in good graces of Big G.

For more information and to register for free access to the full video at:

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