ATT Systems Group is Honored at 2014 Healthcare Supplier Awards in Singapore

ATT Systems Group receives major award at the Healthcare Supplier Awards

ATT Systems Group, a leading provider of advanced queue management systems and other innovative products, was recently recognized at the inaugural Healthcare Supplier Awards 2014. The event, organized by the National Healthcare Group, highlighted a number of organizations whose products and services helped to improve health care outcomes, safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in three of Singapore's major health care systems. ATT Systems Group received an award in the Operational Excellence category for helping to improve the queuing experiences of patients at the NUH Medical Center and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

"We're proud to announce that we have been singled out for distinction at the 2014 Healthcare Supplier Awards," ATT Systems Group representative Phirence Tan stated, "This prestigious award points out the power and usefulness of our Q’SOFT® queue management system, a sophisticated product that can greatly improve the queue experiences of health care patients, bank customers, those accessing government services, or any others who face wait times."

Although most companies and organizations strive to serve their clients as quickly as possible, queues are unavoidable in many situations. ATT Systems Group's Q’SOFT® queue management product was designed to help make the most of this slack time, offering up an array of complementary features that help to make such periods shorter and more productive.

For example, the system incorporates an Internet-accessible appointment scheduling function that reflects real-time usage levels and resource availability, making it more likely that users will be seen quickly when they arrive on site. Once there, customers can make use of accessible registration terminals to provide any information that will be required and allocate themselves spots in a queue.

A variety of naturally integrated notification systems make it easy for staff to alert customers when their turn is up. Affordable, highly visible LED or LCD displays are commonly placed in waiting rooms, while individual iBuzz digital pagers can be given to particular customers or patients, as well. All of this well-designed queue management infrastructure also feeds into a centralized database that allows for the productive analysis of historical and present queue data, giving administrators the ability to make more effective decisions when seeking to improve waiting times.

The ATT SYSTEMS Group Q’SOFT® system has been used to great effect at Singapore's NUH Medical Center and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, two of the largest health care facilities in the country. It has helped to cut down wait times for patients at the two locations, allowing for better use of both their time and that of staff members. Those results have improved overall productivity and cost-effectiveness, making the product an excellent investment.

ATT Systems Group's recent honoring in the category of Operational Excellence at the 2014 Healthcare Supplier Awards noted these facts, confirming how valuable the company's flagship Q’SOFT® system can be for such demanding, intensive applications. As recognition of the power and utility of the Q’SOFT® product continues to grow throughout industry and the public sector, ATT Systems Group commits to helping many more customers enjoy the proven benefits of the system.

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