Atlas Medical Center Earns Community Awards for Regenerative Medicine

Atlas Medical Center has earned a third consecutive City Beat News Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction in the category of Regenerative Medicine.

Irving, Texas, United States— Thanks to a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned customer service, Dr. Jason Kouri, and Atlas Medical Center have earned a third consecutive City Beat News Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction in the category of Regenerative Medicine.

Businesses that win the Spectrum Award are based on City Beat News’ independent research and evaluation system, which identifies businesses and professionals with a track record of excellent customer service. City Beat News’ rating system collects data from online and customer reviews along with nominations, surveys, blogs, social networks, and other honors. Those that earn a 4-5-star rating receive the Spectrum Award.

Atlas Medical Center is known to many in the Dallas -Fort Worth community as the premier practice offering non-surgical interventions for those suffering with chronic joint, spine and neuropathy pain. Atlas Medical Center has an impeccable reputation due not just to quality healthcare services, but also to its personalized attention to each and every patient. From the doctors to the front office staff, the entire team maintains a very high focus on patient care, treating everyone who visits like family.

In order to create an outstanding patient experience for patient’s, “Atlas’ employees take the time to listen to what patients want and understand their circumstances so they can help them achieve their health goals.” Alexandra Schnee, Atlas’ office manager states.

“We know each of our patients by name, we prepare for their individual care and we never double book appointments. Our mission is clear. We are here to help patient’s return to a more active lifestyle so that they can avoid taking unnecessary pain medications, and if possible, ultimately avoid joint or back surgery.”

Among the services that are offered at Atlas are regenerative medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Bone marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy, Advanced Cold Laser Therapy and Spinal Decompression. In fact, with over 2,000 regenerative procedures completed, Dr. Jason Kouri, MD and Lisa Moore ANP are considered one of the most experienced regenerative medicine providers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that uses a patient’s own healing cells to help promote repair to an injured area.

At Atlas Medical Center, Dr. Jason Kouri, MD uses the most advanced device for the stem cell procedure. It is a same day, in office procedure that requires no downtime and makes the procedure virtually painless. This non-surgical procedure uses a patient’s own reparative cells to help promote healing and repair to help relieve pain for orthopedic related conditions.

At Atlas Medical Center, they are always striving to improve; therefore, they are one of a few centers that tracks their patient outcomes. This allows them to continuously update their protocols, so that patients are confident that they are receiving the absolute best care. In addition, their medical providers use ultrasound guidance for every injection, so that there is never any guesswork and they can treat the area with laser focus.

The following is a list of some of the orthopedic conditions Dr. Kouri, MD has treated using regenerative therapies:

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Hip Pain

Ankle/Foot Pain

Wrist/Hand Pain

Elbow Pain

Neuropathy Pain

About Atlas Medical Center

Atlas Medical Center is located at 3401 West Airport Freeway Suite 101 in Irving, Texas. For more information about their services call 214 596 1051 or visit the practice’s Award Page at

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