Atlanta Septic Tanks In Need Of Septic Tank Repair Due To Excessive Rainfall

Atlanta septic tank repair issues are occurring due to excessive rain through the region. Learn how to prevent problems here or contact Atlanta Septic Tank Pros at (404) 998-8812 or to schedule service today.

Reports of Atlanta septic tank repair needs are pouring in, in light of the very soggy weather the area has recently had. If forecasts are accurate, the region is expecting even more rain, further compounding the problem. Various aspects of the septic system are affected, though the issues generally tend to involve slow or sluggish drains, with water occasionally backing up into homes.

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The problems that come along with excessive rainfall tend to make a septic tank system give off the same symptoms it would if it was failing or was long overdue for a pump, but it can happen in systems that are up to date on their pumping and maintenance as well. The reason for this is that the same areas of the septic system are affected in both cases affecting the increase need for Atlanta septic tank repairs.

All septic systems rely on a central tank, which must have the solids pumped out every 3-5 years in order to operate properly. Homes that have a garbage disposal or large families may need to have pumping annually. When pumping isn’t done, the solids can block or fill up the outlet to the leach field, and the lines of the leach field as well. With this blocked, the water has no choice but to stay in the tank or flow back to the home.

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The leach field is made up of a series of perforated lines, buried underground. Normally, these lines disperse the water into the soil, but when the soil is saturated, the lines can’t drain. The only fix for this is to let the soil dry out, so that the pipes can drain again.

Local residents experiencing slow or sluggish drains during a period of excessive rainfall should minimize their water use or stop adding to the septic tank altogether. It’s a good time to avoid doing laundry and washing dishes. In extreme circumstances, it’s best to avoid showering or using toilets as well. Homeowners should also make sure that gutters are directing runoff away from the septic tank system and leach field, so it doesn’t compound the issue. Additionally, homeowners should consider having their septic tank systems checked out if it has been awhile since the last pumping and inspection. If the system does not return to normal after the surrounding soil has a chance to dry out, a septic tank technician should be called in right away.

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