Atlanta Septic Maintenance and Septic Tank Repair Key Concern with Aging Units

Atlanta septic maintenance and septic tank repair is an essential part of keeping a unit in top condition and ensuring families stay safe and healthy, especially as units age. To schedule a checkup or service, call (404) 998-8812 or visit now.

Atlanta septic maintenance and septic tank repair is becoming a key concern as systems age and awareness amongst homeowners drops. It’s estimated that one-in-five American households is served by a septic system, rather than a municipal sewer system, though data hasn’t been gathered at a national level in decades. While the on-site waste treatment units are safe when taken care of, they can pose serious health risks when they malfunction.

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In a properly functioning unit, household waste is carried out of the home via pipes and away to a reservoir. In the reservoir, the waste separates into three layers. Buoyant materials, such as grease, oil, and toilet paper, float to the top. Any dense matter sinks to the bottom, leaving a mostly debris-free area of liquid effluent in the center. Over time, much of the solids will break down, and they exit the reservoir with the effluent into a drain field.

In the drain field, the effluent seeps out into the surrounding soil where bacteria present in the soil takes care of dangerous pathogens. In order for this aspect of the treatment process to be safe, the effluent must flow underground, away from homes, waterways, wells, and well above the water table. Proper design is only part of the puzzle, though, the drain field must be checked regularly and repaired as needed, too.

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With proper installation and care, a unit can last several decades. However, many of the systems throughout Georgia are aging and new homeowners aren’t always aware that their home makes use of one, let alone how to care for it on a daily basis, what to look for if it’s failing, and how often septic maintenance should be performed. Homeowners who have not had their units checked in the last 3-5 years should schedule pumping and an inspection, to ensure the longevity of their systems and the health of their families.

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