Atlanta Non Toxic Chemical Free Pest Control Indoor & Garden Products Announced

HomeShielders announced an expansion of its product line with 20+ chemical free indoor and outdoor pest control products to help homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia effectively and naturally repel insects and animals from their house or garden in a 100% child and pet safe manner.

HomeShielders has announced an expansion of its renowned, affordable and highly popular product line with 20+ chemical-free and child/pet safe products to help effectively control or repel pests in Atlanta, Georgia.

HomeShielders is a prominent business providing a broad range of safe, simple and industry leading indoor and outdoor pest control or repellent products, and more, to help homeowners effectively protect their properties and/or family at lower costs.

The business announced an expansion of its product line with 20+ chemical-free pest control solutions, from best-selling ultrasonic indoor pest repellent plug-in devices to proven outdoor electronic pest and animal repellers or full pest emergency kits, to help homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia naturally drive away pests including cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice & rats, mosquitos, snakes or birds, and more.

The premier range of chemical-free pest control products made available by HomeShielders is carefully sourced to ensure the homeowners are able to effectively, easily and quickly control or repel indoor or outdoor pests at lower costs than hiring local pest control services while avoiding the hazards for children or pets associated with chemical or pesticide based pest control methods.

The Department of Health And Human Services explains that pesticide exposures remain a significant public health issue with more 1,000 reports of accidental pesticide exposure and poisoning filed per year at Poison Control Centers, with more than half in relation to children under the age of five.

The HomeShielders explains that “Our premier product line tackles one of the biggest issues faced by many American families today – pest infestation. Not only is it extremely irritating to have pests running around the home, it also presents a serious health-hazard to the occupants and their loved ones but so do the chemical or pesticide based methods used to repel them.”

The business adds that “We wanted to offer solutions that were simple to use, relatively inexpensive and chemically-free, so after doing a lot of research we decided to look into ultrasonic plug-in pest repellent devices. These can simply be plugged in to any outlet in a room or easily installed outside to drive away the pests with no cleaning up, no insecticides and no harmful chemicals.”

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