Atlanta GA Storm Damage Roof Repair/Shingle Replacement – Roofing Service Update

Colony Roofers (678-365-3138), a professional roofing company located in Atlanta, Georgia, has updated its storm damage repair services for clients in the area.

The Atlanta company’s new services are designed to restore damage sustained to the client’s roof due to extreme weather conditions such as aggressive winds and hail. Their team of fully licensed and insured roofing experts will provide effective repair solutions with first-rate materials for a budget-friendly cost to the client.

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Colony Roofers’ recently updated storm damage repair services involve a thorough inspection to determine the severity of the damage and cover it to prevent additional damage from occurring. The client can use the information received by the contractors to contact their insurance company, and if the client is having difficulty getting the coverage they deserve, their experts will step in to make sure they do.

A leaky roof may lead to an array of risks and complications the client and their family members need to be aware of. When water enters the home, mold and mildew may begin to grow and can spread very quickly to other areas of the house.

This threat can cause serious health problems including respiratory issues, inflammation, rhinitis, allergic reactions, and congestion. The client must call experienced roofers the moment they discover the integrity of their roof has been compromised.

If the client notices tiny dents in their shingles, this may lead to entire sections of the roof being ripped off by harsh winds if not taken care of immediately. Clients can rely on the company’s team to handle all of the repairs to make sure their home is completely safe.

Colony Roofers is a locally-owned and operated company dedicated to providing its clients with roofing solutions at an affordable cost. Their team has been hand-picked based on expertise to ensure that all jobs are performed to perfection so clients will be fully satisfied with their services. Clients can book a no-cost 30-minute roof inspection by visiting the company’s website.

A satisfied client said: “A big thank you to the nice people at Colony Roofers who gave a new roof to my very old house – especially Zach, Danielle, and Kevin. Afterward, they even helped me with a problem they weren’t directly responsible for. Can’t ask for more than that.”

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