Atlanta GA Small Business Media & News Platform Launched

The Velocity Company based in Atlanta, GA has launched a new small business media platform called The Velocity Network built to provide support, advice, and guidance to business owners nationwide.

The Velocity Company has launched a new small business media platform called The Velocity Network. It is aimed at small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who want support and advice for long-term business success.

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The newly launched support platform is founded on three primary pillars: the small business radio, video, and news. The radio aspect focuses on podcasts and online radio content for the small business community. Content is produced with business owners in mind and provides insight, advice, and support on the most pressing issues within the community now.

Vlog content, TV shows, and full-length documentaries are available in different formats including free and paid for. The news section ensures time-sensitive and up to date content is available for business owners and the business community nationwide.

Recent popular podcasts have looked at real estate and the economic power people can gain through land ownership, emergency business funding, and helping the economy to recover to boost the confidence of small business owners now and in the future.

Now more than ever, small business owners need support from organizations such as The Velocity Network as local businesses continue to compete with large corporations for visibility both on and offline, which can directly affect sales, profits, and turnover.

Small independent and local businesses are an important part of communities and high streets as they boost the local economy and create jobs while adding character to the local area. In addition, many customers believe the best deals are only found online, but that is not always the case.

This new platform provides a network for small business owners to connect to and find crucial information when they need it most. Whether they are worried about the future of their business or want to know about funding options – it offers something for everyone.

A representative said: “We are the nation’s fastest growing small business network and provide podcasts, news, and media nationwide. We aim to help business owners promote their skills, products, and services while also teaching people how to achieve long-term success.”

To find out more or download the latest podcast, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.

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