Atlanta GA Personal Injury Lawyer – Bus Accident Attorney Legal Services Launch

Cambre & Associates (+1-470-888-6806) have recently updated their vehicle-related personal injury legal services, now offering support to victims of bus accidents.

The local personal injury law firm can now represent people making legal claims for personal injuries they sustained due to bus crashes in Atlanta, GA. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that between 2014 and 2016 Georgia recorded the highest number of bus and truck-related fatalities of all the US states.

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The Cambre & Associates team has an in-depth knowledge of the current legal minefield regarding bus and truck accidents. Navigating a bus-related accident claim can often be complicated given that they are almost always commercially-run vehicles, which can make it difficult to attribute liability.

Additionally, buses are often traveling across state lines, which can further complicate the case as regional laws can differ drastically. In the state of Georgia, private bus companies are required to carry insurance with a policy limit of $100,000 per person in bodily injury liability coverage if they seat more than 12 passengers.

However, if the transportation service is run by the state or municipal government, the case can fall into a different set of rules entirely and it can be much harder to win compensation.

It is estimated that in 2016 around 12% of all auto accident deaths in Georgia were caused by commercial buses or large trucks, totaling 4,564 fatalities. This high statistic is due to a number of reasons. Primarily, the large seating capacity of buses means that when they do crash it can be catastrophic.

Cambre & Associates can help victims of bus accidents sue for the cost of their hospital bills, lost income, and long-term medical care, as well as claim financial compensation for their physical suffering and mental anguish.

They are committed to examining all of the relevant data and cross-examining witnesses to ensure victims always get the payout they rightfully deserve. Alongside bus accidents, their fully-licensed team of lawyers can provide support with truck, motorbike, and car crashes, as well as provide representation in medical malpractice, elder abuse, and professional negligence cases.

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