Atlanta GA Personal Injury Lawyer Accidents Lawsuit Claims Guide Launched

The Brown Firm has launched its guide to assist personal injury victims with filing a lawsuit. It addresses frequently asked legal questions pertaining to personal injury accidents.

The Brown Firm, an Atlanta-based law office, has announced the launch of its new guide. The guide was formulated with the aim of helping individuals, who would’ve experienced any form of personal injury, with filing a lawsuit for claims.

The newly released guide comes in the form of frequently asked legal questions pertaining to personal injury accidents and the answers to each. Questions such as “what is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?”, “how much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?”, and “how much is a personal injury case worth?” are addressed.

According to the guide, a Personal Injury Lawsuit is a civil lawsuit where one party sues another for compensation after being harmed due to negligence on the part of the party being sued. Among the incidents for which a Personal Injury Lawsuit can be filed are motor accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and work-related injuries.

The guide explains that The Brown Firm charges no upfront legal or consultation fees to individuals wanting to hire a Personal Injury Attorney. The reason being, the firm works on a “contingency fee basis” which entails clients paying their attorneys a small percentage of their final settlement.

With regard to the financial outcome of a personal injury case, the guide points out that it all depends on certain factors. These include the type of accident, the amount of damage, the extent of injuries, and the amount of insurance coverage available. Once these details have been sorted by clients and their attorneys, then the attorney will be able to provide an accurate estimate of the settlement value.

The guide also addresses situations where clients feel they were not injured in their accident. On this note, the guide advises that it is always wise for one to get a medical evaluation, even if one thinks they were not injured during the accident.

This, it explains, will rule out any mild or delayed symptoms that could cause further damage in the future. The guide also cautions that failing to get medical treatment could result in one’s injury being excluded from a lawsuit claim.

The Brown Firm prides itself on representing individuals who have experienced different forms of injuries due to the negligence of others. As part of their policy, they take a personal approach to each case dealt with in order to give each client the right amount of time and attention that he/she deserves.

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