Atlanta GA Painting Remodeling Color Consultation Exterior Repair Service Launch

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BrightSide Painting & Remodeling announced expert color consultation and exterior carpentry repair services to support quality home improvement in the Metro North Atlanta area.

BrightSide Painting & Remodeling, a professional painting and repair company serving Metro North Atlanta, Georgia, announced the availability of professional color consultation and carpentry repair services for exterior repainting projects. Led by Jon Edens, owner and recent appointee to the Sherwin-Williams Advisory Board, the company specializes in all aspects of painting and offers a variety of services for interior and exterior residential repairs.

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The newly updated services provide personalized advice from a professionally trained color consultant, allowing for tailored product recommendations and overall project guidance to fit each customer’s taste and budget.

Georgia’s fluctuating, unpredictable climate leaves homes vulnerable to a wide range of harmful and potentially costly environmental conditions. With wide variations in daily temperatures across seasons and invasive considerations like rain and humidity as constant factors, finding the right time to make repairs becomes just as important as knowing what needs to be fixed.

BrightSide Painting & Remodeling removes the guesswork associated with home repairs and seeks to provide reliable, long-lasting improvements capable of withstanding the elements.

Emphasizing detailed planning and preparation, the company’s color consultation and exterior painting services work together to make sure a home’s structural integrity matches the appeal of its outward aesthetic.

Work begins with a 90-minute in-home visit from a professionally trained Sherwin-Williams Personal Color Consultant. From that point, recommendations flow to fit the client’s personal objectives, style preferences, and budget.

Exterior painting and repair considerations include assessing potential weather impact as well as determining the feasibility of desired construction materials. Work preparation addresses factors like temperature, surface types (e.g., stucco, brick, cedar, etc.), and treatment for structural compromises such as wood rot.

Projects are supervised for quality and timely completion, with a final walkthrough provided for customer approval.

With this announcement, BrightSide Painting & Remodeling seeks to alleviate many homeowners’ apprehensions regarding available solutions for durable, cost-effective exterior paint and repair work in the Metro North Atlanta area.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Homeowners depend on paint to both beautify and protect. When it comes to ensuring that your paint project is a success, there is no more important place to start than preparation.”

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