Atlanta GA Mortgage Cash-Out Refinancing – Direct Lender Services Launched

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Atlanta, Georgia-based boutique mortgage brokers and lenders Moreira Team (+1-404-902-8603) has expanded its expertise to include cash-out refinance services.

The business’ new service range includes convert-to-cash home equities, lower mortgage interest rates, and more. They offer several mortgage refinancing options such as conventional cash-out, VA and FHA cash-out, or jumbo loans cash-out opportunities.

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The updated offerings were initiated to provide homeowners struggling to pay off debts with immediate cash assistance. With mortgages currently close to historical lows, cash-out refinancing is a great option to turn home equities into useable funds.

Cash-out refinance gives people the opportunity to pay off their current mortgages by applying for a new home loan for a higher amount. The difference between what they owe from the old mortgage and the new one may be taken out as instant cash. The available funds may then be used to pay off student loans, compensate for medical bills and college tuition, reduce credit card debt, make home improvements, and more.

Clients can also benefit from other options such as VA cash-out refinancing. This is best suited for eligible active military members, veterans, or surviving service spouses. Through this option, one can cash out 100% of the appraised value of their home.

The FHA cash-out refinance route allows for customers to get lower mortgage payments by leveraging their sizeable home equities and still acquire some extra cash. Those who have jumbo loans and have a high equity home have the opportunity to get a big payout by refinancing.

Useful resources such as daily mortgage rates and FAQs, mortgage calculators and guides, closing cost calculators, ebooks, and loan comparison portals are available on the Moreira Team website.

The company also partners with experienced realtors to offer their clients a stress-free one-stop-shop home purchase and home loan experience.

According to a satisfied client, “From the time I first reached out to them to when I finally found a house this year, they were communicative, responsive, and honest. They worked fast to help me meet the seller’s request for a more accelerated closing period. Highly recommend them.”

Interested parties may call +1-404-902-8603 or visit

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