Atlanta GA Metal Roof Coating/Commercial Contractor Expert Repair Plans Launched

Colony Roofers (+1-678-365-3138), an Atlanta, Georgia-based roofing company, has announced new service additions in the form of metal roof coating applications for local commercial customers.

In line with its continuing commitment to supporting Atlanta-based businesses, Colony Roofers aims for the newly updated service to help meet the roofing needs of its commercial customers.

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Its new coating application service is targeted towards commercial metal roofs in and around Atlanta, providing local business owners with the means to strengthen and protect their roofing system.

Rust and leaks present constant threats to the appearance and quality of commercial metal roofs. When business owners find that their metal roofs have been affected by rust, they typically consider potentially costly replacements as the only option. In response, Colony Roofers recommends its coating application solutions as an effective alternative.

Atlanta residents can benefit from the long-lasting preservation that metal roof coating services can give to their roofs. Colony Roofers advises that applying coating products onto metal roofs will boost a roof’s defense against the harmful effects of rust, significantly increasing its longevity. As such, replacements and new metal roof installations can be rendered unnecessary.

Metal roof coating products are designed to add a shield-like, leak-proof layer onto roof surfaces, sealing smaller gaps and stopping rust from forming over time. Crucially, the professional Atlanta-area roofers also explained that the protective qualities of metal roof coatings can help local businesses to save expenses on HVAC energy costs.

A company spokesperson elaborated: “In addition to getting added protection from leaks and rust, a metal roof coating will save you money on energy bills. The elastomeric or silicone coating material is highly reflective, so it will help with heat transfer from your roof, helping it cool the building down – an added bonus in a hot Georgia summer.”

With the latest announcement, Colony Roofers adds the new service to an extensive array of commercial and residential roofing options. Drawing on its years of industry experience, the locally-owned company is further equipped to assist Atlanta home and business owners with a full range of roofing installations, repairs, and upgrades.

Interested parties across the Atlanta area are invited to visit to learn more about the local roofing contractors and their metal roof coating application service.

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